Managing Your Wealth



Investment Management

In a highly volatile investment world, how can you build a plan for long-term success?

At PFG Wealth Planning Group, our investment philosophy is focused on meeting clients' objectives while managing risk. This tailored approach to the development of an investment strategy has evolved over time so that our clients' portfolios can be positioned to take advantage of market inefficiencies and the attractive opportunities they present.

While our primary consideration is the unique circumstances of each client, we are guided by the following mandates:

Stay Wealthy: Reducing risk is more important than short-term, relative returns.

Prioritize Fiduciary Responsibility: Our investment process reflects our strong commitment to place our clients' interests  ahead of our own.

Achieve Balance: Neither active nor passive investment solutions are viewed as superior. We utilize both when appropriate. 

Maintain Discipline: We do not engage in market timing. Our experience has shown that a disciplined, long-term approach based on careful analysis serves our clients best in the long run.


Wealth Planning

Effective wealth planning is more than simply investment advice or allocating assets to a diverse investment strategy.  Wealth planning focuses on the integration and proper coordination of all financial issues that impact a client.  

This includes financial, estate, tax, and philanthropic planning.  It may also include reviewing and finding solutions for clients in areas such as retirement and benefit plans, insurance, college planning, stock option analysis, and business valuation planning.  

At PFG Wealth Planning Group, we are passionate about offering a full range of thorough wealth planning services designed to keep you informed, in control, and in a position of ease throughout each stage of your changing financial picture.